Deliver good customer service even if you think it’s not your job

Sure companies have departments specifically called customer service, but does that mean if a customer speaks to someone outside the customer service department that they should not receive good customer service?

How many times have you heard things from employees like “Customer service is not in my job description!”  This statement projects a negative image and attitude. Customer service is the responsibility of all employee’s regardless of ones job description.

Customer service starts when a customer contacts a company and corresponds with anyone whether it be an Administrative Assistant,  Sales Person, Technical Support Technician or Accounting Representative.  All of these functions are a part of customer service and frequently employee’s are too busy wrapped up in individual tasks to consider customer service as part of their job.

It is important to cross-train and encourage employees to work together as a team in order to successfully deliver good customer service consistently with the result being a positive customer experience. Today the importance of customer service is even more relevant as reported in Convergy’s recently completed 2010 Consumer Scorecard Research Study.

“Consumers continue to expect superior customer service experiences, with 65% of survey respondents choosing “addresses my needs on first contact” as the attribute most often selected in their top five customer service attributes, up from 61% in the 2008 pre-recession research. Since they are key to first-contact resolution, “knowledgeable employees” also ranked high, chosen by 62% of consumers as the third most important customer service attribute.” 

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2 responses to “Deliver good customer service even if you think it’s not your job

  1. Hi James,

    Customer service is absolutely everyone’s business no matter area of the organization you work in. I will also add that your customer includes team members calling from another department. Customers aren’t just consumers. Organizations that realize the importance of service have discovered the service to the consumer is never better than the service they provide to each other. I believe excellent service starts internally as a way of behaving and a way of life. When this happens we won’t hear, “it’s not part of my job description.”


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