Memorable customer service experience at hospital

My aunt recently required outpatient surgery at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge when my aunt and I arrived we were greeted by a receptionist with a smile, met with the insurance coordinator who thoroughly explained the insurance coverage spoke with the nurse that took extra time to make sure my aunt was comfortable and finally the doctor whom she has grown to trust over the years.

After the surgery, when I arrived to pick up my aunt a volunteer from the hospital was waiting in front with my aunt and graciously helped her into my car.  We stopped by a local restaurant for lunch and my aunt showed me her discharge paperwork along with a card that read “I hope your visit today was excellent.”  I thought to myself that’s nice gesture,  but a big surprise awaited us when my aunt opened the card and found it was hand signed by people she was in contact with that day.

What a great example of how the health-care system is utilizing unique ways of reaching out to their patients by showing compassion and delivering a memorable experience.

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3 responses to “Memorable customer service experience at hospital

  1. Thanks James,

    Wow! It’s rare that a visit to a hospital is a positive experience since we rarely go there for anything positive (except child birth)

    It’s nice to see that at least one hospital understands that customer service and a good attitude can go a long way in making the experience better.


  2. Thanks for commenting Eric.

    I really thought this service was exceptional, this hospital was recently re-modeled and expanded. Along with the remodeling and expansion they also understand as you stated that customer service and a good attitude can go a long way.

    Best Regards,

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