ESP or Successfully Anticipating Customer Preferences?

Each time I visit the Fifth Third Bank I would get the eerie feeling that my favorite bank representative Rossana had ESP. Wikipedia says that ESP involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses, but sensed with the mind.

My experience starts by pulling up to the drive-thru window and Rossana greeting me with a smile and before I can say anything she says “Good morning Mr. Sorensen what can I do for you today?”  She notices I’m listening to the radio and asks me what I am listening to. I replied some classic 80’s music. I’m depositing a check and based on passed visits she remembers my preferences of needing a copy of the check along with an account balance. She smiles and asks me if there is anything else that she can help me with today.

My next visit a week later, I’m greeted again with a smile, good morning and by name.  With my radio on Rossana asks “Are you listening to some classic 80’s music?”  Rossana remembered that I liked the 80’s sound which made me feel connected and sincerely interested on a personal level. I gave her a check to be deposited and Rossana mentions that Fifth Third Bank has a new type of savings account with a higher interest rate and asked if I was interested and I said yes I am, but I don’t have time today to sign up.  Rossana replied “I already switched your account over their is no paperwork that needs to be completed.”  She quickly gives me my deposit receipt, copy of the check, my balance and information on the new savings account all in a matter of a few minutes via the drive-thru.

Rossana not only anticipated my personal preferences of getting an account balance and copy of the check each time I visited, but also recognized that I was in a hurry and did all the paperwork in getting me a better yielding savings account.  I realize now that Rossana doesn’t have ESP, but has mastered the skill of successfully anticipating customer preferences and by doing so she takes the hassle out of banking and makes it easy to do business.

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2 responses to “ESP or Successfully Anticipating Customer Preferences?

  1. That’s certainly out of the norm but she appears to be going above and beyond what’s necessary in her job description. Hopefully, as time progresses, she’ll be recognized and rewarded for such fine customer service.

    By recognizing you as valued customer, she’s being memorable.

    • Thanks for commenting Kevin. I agree. Consciously remembering customer preferences and consistently making an effort to connect by making it easy for customers to do business are key traits of superior customer service.

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