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Giving to Customers Throughout a Lifetime


I can reflect back to a book that was read to me as a child called ” The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. To this day I think of the value it has brought to me throughout my life and am thankful for the message it has instilled upon me.

We often forget about how customers thank us everyday without saying the words thank you. So I thought to myself when interacting with customers what can be done to give the best service and experience?

  • Focus your undivided attention to the customer.
  • Greet customers with a smile. Whether in person or on the phone a smile can be both seen and heard.
  • Recognize customers and address them by name.
  • Listen to customers needs.
  • Anticipate customer preferences.
  • Be knowledgeable about products and services and if you don’t know an answer be diligent in finding the answer.
  • Have patience. Don’t make customers feel rushed. Rushing customers can make them feel unappreciated.
  • Be empowered to do what is required to satisfy a customer.
  • Summarize service issues and explain how and when they will be resolved.
  • Tell customers you appreciate their business.

Rewards for providing the best service may not be expressed in words such as thank you, but by simply having customers come back for more.

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