“As a distributor of Otometrics products, James and I had many opportunities to consult on customer service oriented issues. In many cases he was my key contact within that company to provide critical product information as part of the sales cycle, follow-up on requests on customer support related issues, and to assist in procuring loaner equipment, supplies and parts for users of their products. James was extremely dependable and always followed through on requests I made of him. He was always pleasant and professional in his approach. I would strongly recommend him for the position of his choosing.”

Sherman Lord, Managing Member Midlantic Technologies Group, LLC Colmar, PA

“I have worked closely with Mr. James Sorensen when he was employed at GN Otometrics for 10 plus years. James was our Inside Customer Support Representative for sales and service. When we needed extra help in solving an equipment or application problem James was happy to step in and help. He would take the initiative to contact our customer direct to solve their problems. His positive attitude and willingness to help was greatly appreciated. I feel his experience in customer service would be an asset to any company.”

Cathy J. Michelson, Office Manager at Gordon N. Stowe and Associates, Inc. Dayton, OH

“I enjoyed working with James for 5 years while I was the Director R&D and Software Engineering Manager. James held the title of Customer Support Specialist but he served simultaneously in many different roles and worked with some fairly difficult people. Many people would have withered under all of these demands but James was dependable and always performed his job with a smile. One of those demands was to keep me informed of customer complaints so that we could investigate them and quickly respond. James was very organized and kept accurate records which made my job much easier. James also reviewed user documentation, participated in product evaluations, and helped identify defects prior to releasing products to our customers. All of James’ efforts contributed to our delivery of high quality products and an overall positive customer experience.”

Jay Silverman, Systems Engineer at Intrado, Lisle, IL

We are writing to commend one of your employees , Mr. James Sorensen, for a job well done. We have had some continuing problems with our CHARTR software dating back to the original installation.  Thanks to the wonderful support James has provided, these problems have been or are in the process of being resolved.  James has always been there for technical support, guidance and encouragement, and if he didn’t have the answer, he put us in touch with someone who did.  He has always been prompt in returning calls, and extremely courteous and respectful. These are qualities that are much appreciated with ICS customers. He is truly a valuable asset to your organization.”

Robin H. Braverman MS, CCC-A, Audiologist at Fallon Clinic, Worcester, MA

“This letter cannot contain all the appreciation I feel for James, but I will attempt to capture my experience of working with him. I am a manager with IVI Travel and am responsible for the contact with corporate clients and the staff servicing them. A major portion of my position is recapping statistics from management reports for vendors (no notice) and our clients. James has been very instrumental in my success with providing very timely information to vendors and to me for my analysis. It has always been a pleasure to work with James, his pleasant attitude , friendliness, knowledge and cooperation, always makes this part of my job ( which could be dreary) fun, and I know the requests that I make will be taken care of. If there are any computer problems, delays or any clarification needed to process my request,  James is very efficient in communicating to me.”

Laurie L. Meiser, Client Service Manager at IVI Travel, Chicago, IL

“I worked with James for many years when he managed our, Abbott Laboratories, frequent flyer program. He was in charge of enrolling, maintaining and all correspondence and communications with airlines and our travelers. I work in travel services and customer service is number one to us. With James on our account he always handled every situation to the fullest satisfaction. I never had to re-explain an answer to any of our travelers when James was involved. James always gave 100% to his work. James is a great asset to any company he works for.”

Sandra E. Alwardt Travel Services Administrator at Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL