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With the onslaught of self service portals is the CSR extinct?

IGN Entertainment just signed up Parature for support. Prior to the agreement with Parature, IGN was having to dedicate staff to answer every question via email.  Additionally,  there was wasted effort with about 95% of the questions being redundant. Parature was chosen because of it’s easy to use interface, self-service features and multi-language capabilities.  IGN says it resolves 57% of tickets by utilizing Parature’s auto-responders. Chris Anderson, Senior Manager of Customer Service at IGN says “Parature is 50 percent of my work force. With Parature, I am able to use fewer CSRs, keeping my staffing budget low.”

In my opinion, there will always be a need for the Human Touch, while frequently asked questions and general inquires work well with self-service portals customers concerns of more complex and technical in nature will need a highly skilled customer service representative to insure a customer has the best experience in getting their problem resolved.

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